Sevita is a non-governmental organization (NGO) that has been conceptualized with the sole objective of empowering artisans and sustaining craft forms in India, which have been sidelined. Sevita was initiated to identify, revive and preserve many traditional art forms that have less space in the present context.

Sevita aims to achieve this by training traditional artisans with finer skills, educating them about new materials and techniques, so that their art forms re-adapt to contemporary trends, yet not lose their authenticity. This would help to promote sales and productivity of the products and subsequently createa sustainable model that would encourage artisans to continue with their practice and take pride in their craft. The idea is to provide a viable platform for facilitating empowerment as well as bringing together the craftsmen and their expected support system. Sevita is also committed to sensitizing communities to the rich cultural heritage, aesthetics and folklore inherent in traditional arts through various interventions.

Folk and Tribal Arts and Crafts

In today’s context, traditional arts and crafts in India form one of the largest decentralised and unorganized sectors of Indian economy. Even amidst its potential to grow into a large industry, the current state of India’s artisans is a matter of serious concern. As a socio-economic group, these skilled workers are amongst the poorest in our nation. Their humble economic conditions and constant struggle for day to day survival has forced many artisans to move away from their traditional occupations thereby dissipating skills evolved over thousands of years.

Inadequate information about latest technology,lack of knowledge about currentmarket trends and international requirements is a major deterrent withartisans’ communities. This can also be attributed to the younger generation of artisans drifting away from their family vocation for alternative professions which are financially more viable. Thus, much valuable indigenous knowledge in the form of information and skill is lost.

Although, there is a great demand for traditionalart and artefacts both in the domestic as well as in the international market, lack of promotion and agencies to facilitate the process has curbed its progress. Sevita is committed to excellence in facilitating activities that will aid in sustaining livelihoods, support self-reliance and provide opportunities for creative expression for our artisans.